GZA Webinars

Meet Palantir in the Greater Zurich Area

May 05, 2022

Join us for a conversation with Courtney Bowman, Global Director of Privacy & Civil Liberties Engineering Palantir Technologies Inc. and Urs Durrer, Head of Office for Economy Canton Schwyz (part of the Greater Zurich Area)

As a long-time employee of Palantir (over 11 years), Bowman recently relocated to Switzerland to help focus Palantir’s Swiss and European growth efforts on ensuring compatibility with strong data protection and engineering ethics standards and expectations.

As a company focused on providing software platforms that both enable the world’s most critical public and private sector institutions to operationalize their data assets, Palantir sees its new Altendorf Greater Zurich office as an important outpost for expanding its capacity to support Switzerland’s most venerable and impactful institutions and companies.

This event will explore some of the ways Palantir aims to build on local talent and the wealth of the Swiss cultural heritage while sharing their experiences in building and deploying mission-critical software to institutions around the world.

Here's what you can learn:

  • Why did Palantir establish a Central European hub in the Canton Schwyz?
  • What does Palantir do in Switzerland? 
  • Meet Bowman, one of Palantir's leaders in Europe
  • Learn how Bowman relocated from the U.S. to Switzerland
  • Learn why privacy, civil liberties, and data protection are at the heart of Palantir’s products and culture

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