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GZA Webinar: Sustainable Fintech in Switzerland

Fintech services are on the rise worldwide: new consumer groups will be included, and existing groups (millennials!) are getting more tech-savvy and cost-conscious by the month. A major Swiss bank estimates that fintech revenues will triple in the next ten years, reaching USD 500 billion in revenue. However, what business models are sustainable? Sustainable in terms of economic prosperity, environmental protection and social equity, which is a major factor for a stable society such as Switzerland.

  • Dr. Thomas Puschmann, Director of the Swiss FinTech Innovation Lab, University of Zurich
  • Dr. Yoo Shin Jung, Chairman of the Fintech Center Korea
  • Ronald Kogens, LL.M., Attorney at Law, Partner at FRORIEP
  • moderated by Marc Rudolf, Director at Greater Zurich Area Ltd

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