GZA webinar series

GZA Webinar: Humanify Machines

Zurich has built a strong position in Artificial Intelligence. Various tech companies took notice of Zurich's leading position in cognitive technologies and are actively tapping into the local community, among them Google, Facebook or Magic Leap.

Get the latest AI insights and learn more about Zurich's AI Development with Pascal Kaufmann, Founder & Head X-projects at Starmind International AG, and Andy Fitze, Co-Founder of SwissCognitive.

Starmind is a startup dedicated to self-learning network algorithms that allow employees to access internal company know-how in real-time and SwissCognitive is «THE Global AI Hub» to meet, exchange, connect and debate.

Andy Fitze, Co-Founder of SwissCognitive
Pascal Kaufmann, Founder & Head X-projects Starmind

Greater Zurich Area, the official investment promotion agency of Switzerland's economic and innovation powerhouse, is formulating webinars on the pertinent issues that US companies must focus on when expanding into Europe. The webinars will give you the opportunity to learn first-hand about the many new developments in the region and how your business can benefit.

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