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Go Switzerland! for Israeli Blockchain/Web3.0 startups

May 10, 2023

Go Switzerland! for Israeli Blockchain/Web3.0 startups
Why & how to set up your Blockchain/Web3.0/Crypto base in Switzerland.

The crash of the FTX bank, the global economic crisis, and the negative regulatory approach to Crypto/Web3.0 in most countries make Switzerland the #1 stable and leading location for startups in the Blockchain/Web3.0 domains. 

Since the creation of Ethereum, Switzerland has been welcoming Blockchain/Web3.0 startups. The legal & regulatory framework supports the creation of startups in the domains, as do the banks and the economy. The center of the startup activity lies in the Greater Zurich Area, also called Crypto Valley. 

Setting up a legal entity in the Blockchain/Web3.0 domains in the Crypto Valley of Switzerland is more accessible & less expensive than believed. 

In this Webinar, we will explain the why, how & costs of setting up a base in Switzerland, while breaking some misconceptions.  

Main points that will be addressed:

  • Why Switzerland / Greater Zurich Area? 
  • How to setup a legal entity? 
  • Costs of setting up in Switzerland 
  • Tax aspects for Israeli startups